Ask yourself?

Do you have the ability to accurately measure performance across your supply chain?

Do you have the necessary visibility of your product from source to customer?

Do you have a clear vision of how systems can drive the performance of your supply chain?

Did you obtain the expected benefits from your most recent system deployment?

Do you know how systems could assist with stream lining manual or administrative processes?


How we can help

For our clients, the SCC team:

  • Reduced administrative costs for transport functions by 50% through introduction of reverse billing functionality
  • Increased inventory accuracy by 20% through introduction of paperless WM solutions
  • Improved forecast accuracy by 10 basis points by implementing an advanced demand planning system
  • Successfully incorporated and delivered systems components of large scale supply chain transformation projects internationally

Our Supply Chain Systems Capabilities

  • The Supply Chain Cover team has extensive experience with selecting, designing, implementing and optimising systems across all key supply chain disciplines for companies like Tesco, Fonterra, MDLZ, Cadbury, Coles & API
  • We have successfully delivered  over 100 systems  implementations across the globe, these include WMS, TMS,  APS including demand & supply network planning, Automation & mechanisation systems, B2B/EDI/Online, Mobile & GPS tracking technology as well as a range of CRP and financial systems such Oracle and SAP.
  • We have a standard methodology in delivering projects, such as Price2, Six Sigma and ITIL
  • Our IT and business capabilities allow us to provide a solution that fits your businesses real needs