Ask yourself?

Are you holding too much inventory to prevent customer service failures?

Is your product portfolio optimised and aligned with customer needs/requirements?

Are you getting the most out of your manufacturing & supply chain assets?

Are you collaborating with your upstream and downstream supply chain partners?

Are your individual planning processes integrated or do they operate in silos?


How we can help

We have delivered typical benefits of:

  • Reduced working capital by 20 – 40%
  • Improved customer service levels (DIFOT) by 2 – 10 basis points
  • Introduced global S&OP processes leading to improved availability (CFR) of 5 basis points
  • Optimised manufacturing assets and reduced supply chain costs by 2%
  • Selected & implemented multiple planning systems

Our Planning & Optimisation Capabilities

  • The Supply Chain Cover team has over 100 years experience with supply chain planning and optimisation globally, our team members held many senior planning management position
  • We have selected and implemented more than 10 demand andsupply planning systems for our client
  • We have proprietary templates and methodologies for the implementation of S&OP or IBP, which we applied in the S&OP and IBP design and implementation for several of our clients
  • We have improved the individual planning
  • processes for over 50 of our clients