Ask yourself?

Do you have a clearly articulated supply chain strategy?

Is it aligned to current business needs?

Does your existing supply chain have the capacity & network to support your business strategy?

How do environmental, legislative and OH&S factors, impact your supply chain?

Does your SC organisation have the right skills and capabilities to support the business?

Which components of your supply chain are considered core? Are the non-core elements outsourced?


How we can help

For our clients, the SCC team:

  • An agile supply chain with the ability to respond  to changing business requirements
  • Capacity and network to support business growth agendas
  • Ensuring consistent optimal performance; safety, service and cost
  • Clearly aligned programme of change
  • Understanding the current maturity of the supply chain and a roadmap into the future

Our Capabilities

  • The Supply Chain Cover team has over 100 years experience developing and deploying supply chain strategies across multiple industries around the world
  • We have defined and implemented several local and global supply chain strategies, including: organisational design; in-house and outsourced solutions; network design; KPI’s and performance standards
  • We have a proven 10 step iterative supply chain strategy development process, successfully employed across multiple industries and geographies
  • We have an excellent understanding of the current infrastructure and future development plans in Australia and have completed several network and property projects