Ask yourself?

Do you tender your services and supply contracts regularly?

Do you have clearly defined performance expectations for your suppliers?

Do you have effective management tools and processes to ensure your suppliers are performing?

Do have a truly collaborative relationship with your strategic suppliers and are they incentivised to deliver your strategy?


How we can help

For our clients, the SCC team:

  • Typically realised 10%+ p.a. cost reductions through tendering service contacts
  • Identified the right vendors to deliver the right service/product at the best cost
  • Implemented innovative commercial arrangements and governance processes to deliver year-on year improvement

Our Procurement  & Vendor  Management Capabilities

  • Our team has procured materials, goods, international logistics, domestic transport and DC operations services for clients across many industries and geographies
  • Specified, procured and implemented over 100 DC’s fit outs globally
  • We have standard methodologies for all go-to-market tender processes to ensure requirements are met and benefits are delivered
  • We recommend a life cycle approach to vendor relationship and have supported many clients designing and implementing ongoing performance management frameworks.