Ask yourself?

Do you know how to identify and unlock quick win benefits in your DC and Transport operations?

Are you delivering year-on year cost improvements?

Are you using logistics & distribution KPI’s to drive decision making?

Are recent projects realising the operational benefits identified? If not, do you know why?

Are your DC and transport operations as safe as they can be?


How we can help

For our clients, the SCC team:

  • Realised on average 20% pa cost reductions by delivering a wide range of initiatives across supply chain operations.
  • Identified bottlenecks and optimised product and information flows improving customer fulfilment and efficiency
  • Automated movements between back of factory and DC with payback in less than 3yrs
  • Developed and implemented optimal transport routes, fleet designs and technologies

Our Logistics & Distribution Capabilities

  • The Supply Chain Cover team has extensive experience with designing, implementing and optimising warehouse and transport operations across many facilities & networks globally
  • We have implemented optimal facility layouts and managed over 100 DC transitions, many of which included automation and mechanisation solutions
  • We have implemented many innovative productivity, 3PL and labour solutions
  • We have managed and optimised many transport networks resulting in sustainable cost and safety improvements