Case Study – Demand Planning & Inventory Optimisation Software Selection

  • At the time of this project API was in the process of implementing an ERP system which, among other initiatives, would integrate several different business units into one
  • At the time API was managing demand planning, supply planning and inventory management processes on Excel and other manual non integrated systems.
  • At the time API was managing large amount of SKU’s and without the system support wasn’t able to significantly reduce work in capital while increasing service and on shelf product availability
  • An advanced demand planning and inventory optimisation tool will deliver multimillion dollar benefits to API



  • SCC has developed the business requirements and selected and procured the software that introduceda sophisticated demand planning and inventory optimization software suite that provides the platform for API to deliver optimal customer service levels at lowest possible cost
  • This program included business requirements definition, business case development, RFI & RFP processes including selection and commercial negotiation